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Heat Engine Lab(B)

Heat Engine Lab(B)
Heat Engine Lab(B)
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Product Code : Engineering Models
Brand Name : Ambros
Product Description

Steam Engine Models

10165 Model Of Steam Engine

10167 Steam Engine Model With A Boiler

10170 Steam Engine 'D' Slide Valve

10171 Model Of Piston Valve Steam Engine

10172 Model Of Compound Steam Engine

10173 Model of Uniflow Steam Engine

10174 Model Of Drop Valve Steam Engine

10175 Model Of Mayer Expansion Valve Steam Engine

10176 Model Of Corliss Valve Steam Engine

10180 Stephenson Link Motion

10181 Gooch Link Motion

10182 Allan Link Motion

10183 Joy Valve Gear

10184 Walscharet Valve Gear


(iv) Governors Models

10190 Watt's Governors

1  Ordinary

2  Early

3  Cross Arm


10191 Governor Model

1  Loaded

2  Porter

3  Hartnell

10192 Rotating Arrangement

10193 Governor Models With Rotator

10194 Throttle Valve

10195 Eccentric Model

10196 Stuffing Box

10197 Cross Head

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