Electro Hydraulic Trainer, Probe Type Anemometer, Modern-day Lab Equipments are Engineered with precision, reliability and the latest technology.

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Technological instrumentation industry shows a major role in the scientific development, and helps continue the growth of the world. At Mohan Brothers, we meet the ever-increasing need for Applied Mechanics Lab Equipments, Thermodynamics Lab Equipments, Mechanics Lab Equipments, Cam Analysis Apparatus. We work to cater to the diversified and sophisticated demand of various industrial sectors. Today, we serve for engineering, thermodynamics, heat transfer, automobile, structural, and other laboratory needs. Our entire range of equipment is suited for your laboratory use, and focused on specific program areas. It is better-known for reliability, repeatability and longevity.

"We mainly deliver our products to foreign countries like African Continent and Middle East."
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