Structural Mechanics Lab Equipment

Delivering a first-class array of products to each of our customers, we have come up with another highly innovative set of goods which includes Structural Mechanics Lab Equipments. Supported by a team of proficient experts, they make sure that each of these goods are manufactured using and A-graded set of materials, which are procured from certified vendors. Giving you an accurate reading with every use, such Clarke's Maxwell Reciprocal Apparatus, Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus and other such goods are made available at reasonable prices, which does not burn a hole in your pocket. The features for which they are acknowledged for include-

  • Easy usage - operating with such products have never been so easy! Used in a highly efficient and effective manner.
  • Finishing - thanks to their advanced manufacturing structure, such goods have an exceptional finishing.
  • Easy setup - just spare us a few minutes and you would be ready to use such products in no time at all!
  • Structure - built to a level of perfection, no glitches, no issues, that Is our promise.
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Structural Mechanics Lab Equipments

Price: 1000-800000 INR/Unit

Our wide range of Structural Mechanics Lab Equipments is offered to clients in a wide range of specifications to meet their exact needs. These equipments are wisely manufactured in compliance with the industry standards using best quality components. Specifically designed for various experiments and research works in structural mechanic laboratory, these equipments are available at competitive prices.

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Clarke's Maxwell Reciprocal Apparatus

Price: 1000-800000 INR/Unit

We are offering a highly accurate Clarke's Maxwell Reciprocal Apparatus which has a mild steel beam in cross section with graduations at regular intervals. The apparatus is specially designed for the verification of Clarke's Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem which states that in a linearly elastic structure, the deflection at any point is due to a load applied at some other point. A dial gauge with precise travel lengths and a magnetic base is provided with the apparatus.

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Behaviour of Column and Struts Apparatus

Price: 1000-800000 INR/Unit

The Behaviour of Column and Struts Apparatus is studied for determining the bulking load for columns with different end condition and percentage error in effective length. The apparatus is precisely designed with four spring steel columns which are put along a vertical wooden board. It is supplied with a supporting stand and a set of weights for performing a wide range of experiments. The apparatus is available in different models such as with both the ends pinned, both ends fixed, one end pinned and other fixed & one end fixed and other end free.

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Curved Member Apparatus

Price: 1000-800000 INR/Unit

Available with top quality gauge and other equipment, the offered Curved Member Apparatus is used to determine the elastic displacement of the curved members. This apparatus is used to make the different curved members like a quadrant of a circle, circle, semicircle with straight arm etc. Horizontal and vertical deflection can be measured by this Curved Member Apparatus with the help of dial gauge.

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Deflection of Truss Apparatus

Price: 1000-800000 INR/Unit

The offered Deflection of Truss Apparatus comprises of members connected through pin joints. This apparatus is widely used in mechanics labs to illustrate visually the nature of forces set up in several members of the truss. The provided Deflection of Truss Apparatus is known for its easy usage, simple installation and robust design.

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Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus

Price: 1000-800000 INR/Unit

The offered Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus consists of a three parallel bar suspension system with elastic beam at its upper and lower ends. This apparatus is used to measure loads in the three suspension rods supporting an elastic beam with a concentrated load. The provided Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus is ideal for comparing the experimental and theoretical values of forces in various members.

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Deflected Beam Apparatus

Price: 1000-800000 INR/Unit

The offered Deflected Beam Apparatus is suitable for examining the deflection as well as forces on various types of beams for a wide range of loads and supports. This apparatus consists a hanger with knife edge, two knife edge end supports and a pointer moving over a graduated scale. Having 120 cm lengths, this Deflected Beam Apparatus is available with scale pan and two beams.

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Three Hinged Arch Apparatus

Price: 1000-800000 INR/Unit

The provided Three Hinged Arch Apparatus is available with a dial gauge, hinges at supports and crown. It is used to measure the horizontal thrust in a three hinged arch for a given system of loads. The offered Three Hinged Arch Apparatus is also ideal to get influence line diagram for horizontal thrust and to compare it with the calculated values.

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Shear Centre Apparatus

Price: 1000-800000 INR/Unit

The offered Shear Centre Apparatus is suitable for measuring the vertical plane of shear centre for various cross sections commonly used for structures. It consists a channel, equal angle, robust base frame, semicircle and Z-section. Having a special load hanger to change the load position, this Shear Centre Apparatus is available with two dial gauges.


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